Can Dogs Eat Popcorn | How Much Is Safe

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? On cold, rainy or holiday days, we can enjoy our free time with the one who is always by our side. So is Our dog. In the event that we want to see a movie on a Saturday night, we will have to sit on the sofa and wait for him to come and join us.

Without a doubt, it is the best option for winter and even for when we do not have money to the party. You can take advantage of her warmth to keep her feet cold, to hug her if the killer’s scene frightens you and even to cry unmercifully with the end of a love movie.

When we think of a movie, we automatically imagine a huge bag of popcorn, crispy, hot and rich. And that’s when we have a question: can we share with our dog? If these peludines have anything, they put on a “poor thing” face that we cannot resist giving them what we are eating.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn

Unless you can keep your eyes on the screen and not once look at your pet, it will be very difficult for you to be the “bad guy” and not offer him even a couple of popcorn. Is it safe for your dog to eat them? Then you will know.

Can dogs eat popcorn, safe or not?

Although you like this food, it seems that it is not so good for us and the dog. Popcorn is a diet rich in fat and calories. It is not good if you consume in large quantities. High-calorie popcorn can cause obesity and certain problems in your pet, dog.

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Also, if what you are given is a hardcore of popcorn, you are afraid to show a broken dog’s tooth.

Considerations about popcorn

As a first step, we must bear in mind that we can not give our dog the same thing that humans eat. It always happens, even if there are foods that are suitable for pets. In the case of popcorn, they are not a very nutritious food (neither for us nor for them). However, it can serve as a training element. That is, every time he does something right or learns a new “trick”, we give him a reward.

It is important to keep in mind that popcorn with butter, salt or added sugar can be harmful to your dog’s stomach health. In case you want to give one or two as a gift for their good behavior, they should be natural and homemade. Excessive intake can lead to intoxication, vomiting or diarrhea.

Another issue to consider is that they can pose a risk of suffocation, especially in small dogs. The inflated flakes can lodge in the throat because it is probable that the animal does not chew it. In addition, granites that have not burst can get stuck in the teeth or in the airways.

What if I just give my dog a handful of popcorn?

We already know that extremes and excesses are not good. It is basic to teach the dog not to order food when the owners are having dinner or lunch. But it is also essential that as owners, we are smart when “fulfilling” the whims of the animal.

  • It is true that they are very convincing and can take a bite even the most heartless. If we do not give something of our plate we feel bad, we feel sorry, we say that “a little will not hurt”, etc.
  • In the case of popcorn, the veterinarians indicate that everything resides in the quantities and in the periodicity. This means that if we give a handful from time to time and one by one is not bad for the dog.
  • To be suitable for the consumption of our pet if or if they should be natural: no butter, no sugar, and no salt. Give him a popcorn and wait a few minutes to give him another one. It is not a matter of letting him eat the entire bag without supervision. Tamoco must be left with the “desire” to enjoy the same food from its owner.
  • In general, this rich food that accompanies us while we watch movies is not a threat to our other company without discussion (our dog). Because it contains carbohydrates, high quantities are not advisable even for us (especially if we do not want to gain weight )
  • Try to make the popcorn yourself. Make sure they do not contain any condiment or additive that can cause digestive problems to the hairy. If you meet all these guidelines, you have “permission” to give your dog popcorn.
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Therefore, the conclusion to Can Dogs Eat Popcorn is that popcorn is not all bad for dogs. Occasionally you can give the plain popcorn to the dogs instead of the grains or the butter popcorn. But you have to see and keep noticing how your dog chews. If you have problems with your dogs teeth, stop immediately.

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